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What is the difference between Bronze, Silver and Gold accommodation?

Please see our accommodation page for full specification - visit - click on 'book online'

A new page will shortly be added which will show all grades of accommodation with images and descriptions.

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Can I book more that one unit of accommodation?

Yes, as long as there is availability you can book as many as you like.  Either online, visit or call our Reception Team on 01556 506 200 - they will help you choose the right accommodation for your party.

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Are the prices the same on the website as they are booking over the telephone?

Yes, they are!

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Can you accommodate guests with accessibility needs?

Auchenlarie is a park on different levels - some steep.  It is however possible to access all areas of the park by car or motability vehicle.  A little more difficult for non-electric wheelchairs.

Auchenlarie doesn't have holiday home units particularly designed for accessibility needs but when a guest request special accommdation, we would do everything we can to provide this.

Anwoth Holiday Park is on level ground, well-suited to accessibility needs.

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Is there a site map available online?

Unfortunatley not.  But, if you call we can email you a copy.

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Can you park by the S-pods

Yes, you can.

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Is there a charge for using DEBIT CARDS ?

No, no charge for using debit cards - there is, however, a charge for using credit cards.

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How much are the site fees?

There are three site fees payable - pitch fee, environmental fee and insurance.  All fees depend on where the pitch is, the size of the caravan and the value (for insurance purposes).  As a very rough guide, £3,000 per annum for all fees.

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what is included in standard grade accomodation

The caravans are fully equipped.  Bed linen is available to hire - remember to bring towels and tea towels.  Most of the standard grade have single glazing with no central heating.  They provide a comfortable, economic holiday stay.

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is there a bus service to and from the site?

There is a public transport service - but fairly limited.  It will take you to most of the towns / villages on the A75 route.

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I have booked a site for camping. Am I allowed to bring my dog?

Yes, pets are more than welcome.  If you walk a dog around the park, please keep it on a lead.  Also, should your dog have an accident - please pick up after them!

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If we book to stay at anwoth how do we get to auchenlerie to use the facilities?

Our guests at Anwoth are very welcome to use the facilities at Auchenlarie.  Swimming is free but it is possible to buy passes for all other entertainment on a weekend, weekly basis.

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Can you walk a dog to the beach ?

Yes, you can.  Please keep your dog on the lead whilst on the park however, and of course, clean up after your dog should they have an accident!

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can you hire hot tubs for caravans?

We have luxury accommodation that have hot tubs on the decked area.  But no, we do not hire out individual hot tubs.

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Can I get a caravan near the sea away from the road?

When you book please speak to our Reception Team - they will, where possible allocate an area of your choice.  However, this cannot be guaranteed - there could be an unforseen problem occur which results in that particularly holiday home being temporarily removed.


They will put a note on your booking form for reference.

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How would I get to you via public transport?

Depends where you are coming from.  There are buses that run from either Stranraer or Dumfries - it is best to check with bus companies to check their schedules.

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do your silver caravans come with bed linen included?

Yes, bed linen is supplied.  However, guests do make up the beds on their arrival.

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Reception opening times

During high season our Reception is open from 9am to 8pm on Monday and Friday, all other days until 5pm.  Low season Reception will be open from 9am to 5pm.  Call our Reception Team if you are going to be delayed for your check-in.  We will make arrangements for keys (if you are staying in a static holiday home) to be collected from the Complex.

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Your answer to, "Is bed linen included?" is not entirely clear, but I read it as, "No, but in Bronze Grade units only, we offer bedding packs at £15 per pack." Am I right?

Bed linen is included in all grades of holiday home.  However, if you have made a booking through a Sun promotion then you will either have to bring your own bedding or purchase a bedding pack from Reception.



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Can family come through to visit is for the day?

Yes, they can but they cannot stay overnight in your accommodation.

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